State Office updates

During the restrictive period of social distancing and bans on gatherings Churches of Christ have been sharing innovative ways of keeping in touch with their respective congregations.

Peter Barney has organised meetings of church congregational leaders via Zoom to find out how we are all coping. I have linked in to all of the meetings so far.

Listening to what other Churches of Christ leaders are doing leaves our church in a similar situation to the others in respect to how we are managing our inability to meet as normal. We are continuing to maintain contact by various methods and encouraging each other in conversation and ascertaining if there are any particular needs.

A lot of the meeting time is taken up with financial discussion. From what I see of our balance sheet we are doing quite well.

The main discussion points have revolved around the method of receiving our offerings and ministerial employment.

Because we have incurred a drop in income of more than 30% we can claim relief from the Government. We do not now have money coming in from the op-shop, offerings and hiring of the church premises which would be in excess of $1000 per week. As Russell is employed 1 day/week we can claim the jobkeeper payment from the Government. State Office will forward information about how to process this in due course. As soon as this becomes available the CLT will have to make a decision as to how to proceed. Meanwhile, as we do our best to maintain contact with each other, keep safe and look to Jesus for encouragement. Bob